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The Cell Phone Sessions


Okay, so if you know me at all, you know that I cannot sit still, so going nearly two months without work was driving me crazy. Fortunately I have a bunch of really talented friends AND technology is an amazing thing! All of these photos were taken in my living room via FaceTime. While the subjects were all over the world (seriously, 4 different countries and 6 different time zones), it was so much fun to get to collaborate with all of these lovely people! (also: I did not know that the world was ending when I cracked the screen on my phone so it didn't get fixed in time for these.... we will call it "being authentic"


(Amanda of Amanda Moss Photography in Charlotte NC)

( The wonderful Alexandra Petkus in Atlanta GA (please check out her other blog posts!)

(Winona working on her cross stitch in Waxhaw NC)

(Carrie Marston and I had a crochet/knitting party in Ottawa ON)

(Steven Shaneyfelt target practicing in Waxhaw NC)

(Kelly Stewart in Papua New Guinea. Fun Fact, she grew up in the Missionary Base in South America that my Grandparent-in-laws were stationed in. Grandpa was a radio technician and Kelly has a radio show for her current missionary base, so Grandpas radio and bible are the props we incorperated)

(My Aunt Michelle in Kamloops BC Fun anecdote, even before the COVID lockdown, we would have facetime sessions and that is how I learned to bake. This was actually what gave me the idea to do these sessions)

(Josh, Rachel and David in FL. Josh and Rachel are both Fantastic authors (Check out Josh's novel Pantheon, and their horror anthology Silent Screams)

(Whimsy Thrift in MD, who is an AMAZING drag artist)

(Betsy and Joanna playing the piano in Raleigh NC)

(Mitchell George who is a fantastic Director and Screen Writer (Check out Crooked Cinema) in Airdrie AB)

(Austin and Addie in my living room NC (yes i made them set up facetime when i could have just as easily taken the picture...) Austin is a fantastic author (i may be biased) and writes stories for our little one)

(Kristopher Marsell playing the guitar in Penticton BC)

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