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Literally every session with toddlers. ever.


This post could also be called "The real reason we don't deliver every shot"

So I LOVE shooting families, and I LOVE working with kids. My favorite part of working with young kids is getting to see their blossoming personalities, The good, the bad, and the rediculous! Normally I only post the gorgeous pearly-white smiling photos, you know, the ones that make it look as though the session was effortless and the kiddo was obviously super cooperative and used their listening ears the entire time... which I feel sets an unrealistic expectation for how these sessions actually go.

PLEASE never apologize for your kid being a kid! If a session takes an extra ten minutes because your little one needs to collect rocks, or warm up to the camera, or just decided that they are done with walking, embrace it and just know, that I will be chuckling at the outtakes later.

Also a HUGE thank you to the Wilson clan, who agreed to let me show you what actually happens at every session with small kids.



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