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Product Review: Greater than Gatsby - Innocence Collection


I love getting to test out new product so I was very excited when Greater than Gatsby asked me to do a product review! I have bought several of their black and white presets before and love the moodiness that it can add to your images. I would like to start this by saying that presets are never meant to be a one-click fix, rather a starting point to get the desired look that you would like to achieve, I would be more than happy to write a second post about how I fine-tune these presets to my personal taste, but all of the images shown below are one-click!


What you are purchasing:

(copied from their website)

The go-to set for child & family portrait photography. Inspired by the success of our #1 selling Photoshop Action set, we created the best Lightroom presets for portraits to produce ultimate child & family portraits. These presets showcase our single-click processing techniques combined with the power of retouching and the ability to create color and light.

  • 25 One-Click Artistic Enhancements

  • 10 Stylized Black & Whites and 10 Bonus Presets

  • 30 Retouch & Artistic Brushes (*Not yet available for Mobile/Cloud CC 2018) (please note that the brushes are not compatible with my computer so I will just be reviewing the 35 presets)

You can purchase this set by following the link here


01- Miss Mary Mack

loved the warmth that it added

02- Leave It To Beaver

for a matte Black and white I love that it kept a lot of the contrast

02- Addams Family Black and white

just a tiny bit of sepia, and less highlights ( notice the shift in midtones in the dress)

01- Simon Says

love the more saturated greens (note the bluer tones introduced in the white shirt, I prefer warmer tones but that is just a personal preference)

01- I Love Lucy BW

LOVE the tones in this.... I personally would up the contrast a smidge more to get that true black in there but look at the depth that is added here!

01- Leap Frog

Love the warmer tones in this ( would definitely want to take out some of the redness in the skin)

01- Rock Paper Scissors

again, love the warmer tones!

02- Three Stooges BW

not as big of a fan of the yellow sepia

02- Bewitched BW

my favorite black and white of the set, look at those rich blacks and gorgous contrasts!!!

01- Hot Potato

again, with just a slight contrast adjustment it would be exactly how I wanted it

02- Little Rascals

01- Sidewalk Chalk

01-Duck Duck Goose

Look at those skin tones!

01- Hide & Seek

Review time:

I love how versatile these presets are, I think that they give a really diverse spectrum to choose from which is ideal for outdoor work with a constantly changing environment. As I posted before, Presets are never meant to be a one-click fix and I think that Greater than Gatsby has done a fantastic job of creating that foundation. My only negative critiques of this product or the vignettes (but truth be told i cannot stand even the best vignettes, and I only-sort-of-jokingly believe that white vignettes should be illegal) the rectangular shape and harsh corners of Burnt Edges I find takes away a lot from the photo (see below).


That being said, of the 35 presets, I strongly approve of 33 of them (which gives the Innocence Collection a passing grade of 94%) I highly encourage you to check out this collection (as well as their other amazing collections) as I will definitely be incorperating these into my workflow!

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