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The Black Family


Alright, So I am so excited to share this session. I am a HUGE advocate for community over competition with other local photographers, and I met Larissa earlier this year where we bonded over the fact that we both are very loud and punny, and the fact that we both found our love for photography while dealing with grief. So this year for Christmas cards I was super lucky to get to swap family sessions with her (Please go to her page to check out our rediculous 80's session, and all of her other gorgeous work!)

We met up at Westminister park in Rock Hill earlier this week where I got to bombard this beautiful family with all sorts of shenaningans! We looked for frogs by the river, jumped off of rocks, played with blankets and just all around had a swell time. I absolutely love lifestyle sessions, they are so much fun and show off so much personality! Thank you to the beautiful Black family for letting me bombard you!!!


#Family #Sunset #familyportrait #lifestyle

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