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Daniel & Michelle {engagement}


EEK! So last weekend I got to go hang out in the Blue Ridge Parkway with this gorgeous couple. If you have read my previous few blog posts you know that if I could live in the mountains I absolutely would, so this was a treat for me!

We met up with Daniel and Michelle at the Art Loeb Trail, where we were super grateful that the rain stopped long enough for our sessions (it poured buckets on both the drive up AND the drive home) but we were able to take advantage of the beautiful clouds that accompanies the rain! These two were so awesome, willing to climb cliffs and trudge through the thicket for the sake of photos, plus they were absolutely adorable which makes my job pretty easy!

I cannot wait to watch these two tie the knot next spring!


#engagementring #engagement #asheville #BlueRidgeParkway #Fall

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