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Rachel {trash the dress}


I met up with Rachel this past Sunday at my house for her trash the dress session! Let me start off by saying that Rachel is approximately 8000x braver than I am. I was sort of joking when I mentioned the idea of playing with fire for her session, but without hesitation she jumped on board. As the date of the shoot approached we bounced ideas back and forth of how we were going to do this... while we definitely wanted to use real flames, we also wanted to avoid barbequing Rachel if at all possible. We finally decided that as an alternative to torching the dress, igniting the lawn seemed like a much safer alternative. Yes all of the flames shown are real! Thank you to my wonderfully patient husband who was in charge of the gasoline, fire and methods of extinguishing the fire, and again, extra Thanks to Rachel who (with the exception of a couple of hilarious outtake shots) stayed cool as a cucumber while flames cozied up to her!

We concluded the session at Cane Creek park where we got to play in the water, and that red Carolina sand!


#fire #trashthedress #water #Waxhaw

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