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Kalissa - The Kitchen Sessions


So there is the window in my tiny house that I have been dying to shoot at. The light hits through the trees in such a way that anything in its path gets a heavenly glow to it. However, my house is teeny tiny, and the window sits in an awkward spot ( kind of between the dining room and the kitchen) so I didn't want to ask a client to sit oddly in my hallway, fearing it might be deemed unprofessional and weird..... However, that is what family is for :)

Kalissa has been my poor guinea pig numerous times in the past, in fact she was my very first photo shoot over three years ago, so when she came home this past week for Christmas break, I obviously had to bombard her. Thank you Kalissa for dealing with my shenanigans.

P.S. if anyone else wants to come and hang out by my awkward window, I definitely plan on bombarding more people there in the future.


#portrait #inhome #nature #studio

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