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alright, so if you know me at all, you know that I am just sort of in this permanent state of baby fever, so having TWO newborn sessions in one week was pretty much like Christmas!!!


I met up with baby Lincoln and his Momma at their home for their newborn session this past week. Lincoln did so well once we got him to sleep, letting poke and prod at him and put him in his AMAZING lumberjack outfit, which let's be serious, is probably the most adorable thing ever! His bedroom is looks like it fell right out of pinterest so obviously we had to take pictures there too!

p.s. Not only did I get to play with a baby (which is pretty hard to call work) I got to feel super nostalgic and play with beanie babies, which brought me right back to my childhood, so that is always fun too!

Thank you Penley family for letting me bombard you!


#newborn #baby #children #lifestyle #Charlotte #NorthCarolina

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