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Pastor Prado's Retirement


"It doesn't matter where Jorge and Vilma go, they never meet a stranger!"


I had the great privilege of photographing Pastor Prado's Retirement this past Weekend at Calvary Church!

Pastor Prado has been an integral part of the community for years, and after 50 years of ministry is finally taking a step down (even though let's be serious, this probably just means he we will work a REDICULOUS amount, instead of an INSANE amount)

During Pastor Prado's ministry he has been involved in 4 churches (in Brazil, New York, New Jersey and here in Charlotte) and it was so amazing to see so many of the people that he has had an impact on in one room, all from different geographical locations and different walks of life, all celebrating the work that the Lord has done through Jorge and Vilma ! The evening was filled with Praise and Worship, speeches, stories and Anecdotes.

Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Prado for your ministry!


#retirement #Church #Family #Fall

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