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Pup's and Pumpkins!


Had the pleasure of hanging out with the Saved By the Bell Litter from the South Charlotte Dog Rescue this morning! These three beautiful babies have had a rough start and they still have a long way to go. This was yesterday's update:

So, the vet visit was quite an eye opener into the life that these sweet 3 babes have endured. All of them weigh around 5lbs and are 11 weeks old. They should be about 20lbs at 11 weeks, so that tells you how malnourished they truly are. Kelly has a pretty significant heart murmur that was has probably occurred due to malnourishment, along with their incredibly brittle bones. All 3 have coccidia as well. We did not do vaccinations today as the vet felt they were too weak and underweight. We did fluids, a few medications and will head back next week. These 3 lovelies have some big hurdles to surpass but we are absolutely confident that with continued love and medical care they will do just fine. We are so grateful that they were found and rescued in time to save their lives, they definitely would not have made it through one evening in the cold. Continued prayers and donations for Kelly, Jesse and Zach are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support

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