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Cade & Shanna {engagement}


Disclaimer: The Rockies are hands down my favorite place on earth. Even though I live over 2000 miles away from them, I will take every opportunity that I can to go play in them. So needless to say I was on cloud nine this entire session. Between the amazing backdrop and a gorgeous couple I don't know that I could ask for anything more!

I met Shanna what seems like lifetimes ago, when we were working as CNA's in Montana. It was so exciting last week to get to go back and catch up while shooting hers and Cade's engagement session. We headed out into the mountains, where these two were awesome at dealing with my shenanigans, even climbing a waterfall for me. They also have the most photogenic dogs in the history of ever... so there is that.

I am so happy that Cade and Shanna found each other, and cannot wait to hear about the adventures these two have in store!


#Montana #engagement #engagementring #fall #outdoor #nature

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