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If you know me at all, you know that I have always been incredibly fascinated by ballet (which is funny because I am about as graceful as a bull in a china shop and about as flexible as a boulder) . #18 on my bucket list is to get to see Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall, and I had the great joy of getting to see my first ballet a couple of years ago, which only made me even more obsessed. The amount of dedication that one has to put into their craft to look as weightless as they do is just really astounding. So needless to say I was pretty much giddy when Owen said he wanted to do this shoot!

We met up this Saturday for this dance session. I am a perfectionist, as is Owen, so poor Owen had to repeat jumps over and over until we were both happy with the outcome (between the lighting, the timing and the form, we repeated one jump 47 times... if that doesn't show Owen's dedication to his craft then I don't know what will). That being said, I also don't know that I have been more proud of a gallery than this one... That being said, Thank you so much for your patience Owen as you listened to me butcher ballet terminology (there was a lot of: " Do the pointy thing with your toes" and "do the jump with the arms").


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