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So if you know me at all (or you have followed my work) you will know these two things about me

1) The brighter the colors, the happier I am, and

2) If there is an opportunity for me to get in the water, you know that I will make it happen.

So that being said, you can guess that I was pretty excited to do this session with Aquisha. She was such a trooper last week when we met up in Fayetteville, getting all dolled up in hair and makeup and extravagant dresses (which get surprisingly heavy when you add water) and then making a splash in the pool.

It's always such a pleasure working with Aquisha, who is one of the most professional models that I have had the opportunity of working with, but is also hilarious which makes working with her a lot of fun. If anyone in the Fayetteville area is looking for a model, Or if you are a model looking for a mentor, I always recommend this lovely lady (Check out her work at


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