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Kinsey & Ashley


My favorite words to hear: We are up for anything.

(Disclaimer: I take this as a challenge)

I started talking to Ashley about this shoot about a month ago, and typically when people say "we are up for anything" I can quickly narrow down a fairly tame idea for their session. However, everything I suggested (no matter how rediculous) was met with a happy "I'm game!" So needless to say I took full advantage of this wonderful couple and had them running all over the place, trying to cram as many ideas into one session as I could!

We met up at Carolina Place mall, where we wandered the book store, and the coffee shops (and I made them practice their mannequin challenge). When we noticed that it had started raining I asked if they wanted to go play in the rain and they happily obliged!

We then drove over to the hill where the rain had subsided, leaving a beautiful cloudy sky as our backdrop for a paint fight.

These two are so adorable, and you can tell that they love having fun together, which makes my job so easy. Thank you for dealing with my shenanigans.


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