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Cody & Yasha


Yasha and I started planning this shoot a couple of months ago. I was pretty excited about it then (because these two are hilarious and amazing and make my heart happy). Three days before this session I got an email from Cody, who let me know about his diabolical plan to propose during this session and I was then incredibly excited for this shoot! We met up at Millbridge in Waxhaw and got some fun shots of these two being fun and happy (While Austin was pretending to second shoot but actually videotaping the shenaningans that were about to occur) and then headed over to the hill, where Cody got down on one knee and asked a very important question. I am so very grateful to the people that allow us to be a part of the important milestones in their life, it is a gift that we truly cherish! Congratulations Yasha & Cody on your engagement!


#Waxhaw #millbridge #engagement #engagementring #proposal #spring

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