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Why you should ask a K9 to "Be Mine" this Valentine


Looking for the perfect companion this Valentines day? Well, look no further! These handsome and eligible Bachelors and Bachelorette's hold the key to your heart! All of these beauties are adoptable through the South Charlotte Dog Rescue and I can confirm that they are 100% more "aww" in real life!

P.S. if you don't like cute dogs and puns, turn away now...


Ruby is our first eligible Bachelorette, she is PAWsitively gorgeous and enjoys long walks through the park

Ariel's ideal date includes snuggling and fetch... FUR-real

Rachel thinks you are really PAW-some

Gunther says: You must be in my backyard, because I really dig you!

Kalhua is just adoraBULLY affectionate, and although she got off to a RUFF start, she is hoping that her perfect match is out there for her!

If you think that a furry companion would be a great addition to your life These dogs and many others are looking for a home at the South Charlotte Dog Rescue

applications can be found at:

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