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I love shooting boudoir. It was something that I was super hesitant on getting into, being conservative with my art, but there is something truly special about the confidence that comes out in boudoir sessions. I had the opportunity of working with the insanely talented and beautiful Mikki Marvel a couple of weeks back, and we wanted to create a very timeless look. Boudoir doesn't need to be scandalous, and I firmly believe with boudoir, that showing less is more, and that beauty is found in the details. We had a lot of fun with this session playing with angles and light, in order to achieve our end result.

I also had the pleasure of being assisted by the talented Craig Musze ( if you haven't seen his beautiful work, you are missing out! Check it out here (after you finish reading this blog, of course) ). It is always such a great experience to collaborate with other photographers, to get fresh perspective and learn new techniques.


#boudoir #art #bold #dramaticlighting #studio #model #pearls #charlotteboudoir #charlottefashion #charlotte #redlips

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