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I met Abigale back in February at a mixer at The Gallery in Charlotte, where she was modeling a line for Luis Machicao, and since then I have had the opportunity of working with her 10 more times, both on and off of the runway (Our work with Poshaac can be seen in Wedding Vows Magazine). Usually when we work together I have her doing something ridiculous, like swimming in snake infested water, or covered in flour or body paint, so this past session was relatively tame. I am always amazed by her composer and professionalism for being so young, as well as her knowledge and ability to show expression so well. I hope that we are able to create together in the New Year! I am holding on to the shots from this session because they might be worth something in a few years when she makes it big!


#gastonia #model #AbigaleAllen #diamonds #dance #ballet #redlips #red #bold #studio #dramaticlighting

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